Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pink Scene Hair Styles

via Photobucket

I've always wanted pink hair, but I'm pretty sure I can't pull it off. My sister rocked a streaked-pink style when she was my age, and a woman in a store in New Delhi told her she looked like a strawberry ice cream cone. Whatever.

My favorite scene hairstyles come in pink. Cotton candy scene, magenta scene, whatever--it all looks great. These scene kids, who posted their photos on the Scene Kids Photobucket community, all look fabulous in shades of pink, though. I often wish Gwen Stefani would go back to her ridiculous Tokyo hot pink.

That's a filthy gesture, young lady. Still, love the hair. Brunettes beware: you can't get hair this pink without a lot of bleach, which can destroy your hair as you know it.

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