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Hairstyles gallery -pictures at Fashion In Paris

sexy wavy hair style for women
sexy wavy hair style for women
medium black wavy hairstyle with bangs
medium black wavy hairstyle with bangs
long sleek hairstyle for winter
long sleek hairstyle for winter 2010
new hairstyle for women -pink blunt short haircut 2010 new hairstyle for women
fashion curly hairstyle
2010 fashion curly hairstyle
short hairstyle
short hairstyle 2010
cool hairstyle for men
cool hairstyle for men 2010
cool mens haircuts
2010 cool mens haircuts
Scene girls hairstyle with multi colors
Scene girls hairstyle with multi colors 2010
Trendy brown wavy hair with curls
Trendy brown wavy hair with curls
black hair with long braid
black hair with long braid

Cool men hairstyle 2009-2010 from

perfect hairstyle for guys on the go
uk men hairstyle 2009-2010
On Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick's character Chuck Bass maintains that slightly creepy "combed with a pork chop look." Off the set, he's all style with classic Caesar cut. Apply a bit of pomade for separation and shine and toss it around a bit with the fingers with a final smooth forward. Great looks in under a minute .
Cool guys hairstyle 2009-2010
uk men hairstyle 2009-2010
Edward William "Ed" Westwick is an English actor best known for his role as Chuck Bass in the main cast on the American television series Gossip Girl. He is also an indie rock singer.
popular hairstyle for men
uk men hairstyle 2009-2010
Westwick is currently dating his Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr.He also currently shares an apartment with his co-star Chace Crawford.
latest trendy hairstyle for men
uk men hairstyle 2009-2010
His layers were uniform cut all over and were textured for a choppy finish and to make the hairdo easy to style

Haircut with side swept bangs and braid

summer haircut with side swept bangs and braid
lovely asian summer hair styles 2009 -cute casual summer haircut with two big braids
lovely asian summer hair styles 2009 -cute casual summer haircut with two big braids
latest cute summer hairstyle for holidays
latest cute summer hairstyle for holidays
easy summer hairstyle for asian girls
easy summer hairstyle for asian girls
cute curly hairstyle for summer 2009/10
cute curly hairstyle for summer 2009/10
pictures of summer/fall hairstyles
pictures of summer/fall hairstyles

Popular Razored Crop Hairstyle for Men

Wanner get a new trendy short hairstyle? The razored crop hairstyle will places you on the cutting edge. Turn to the razor for a haircut that’s sharp, edgy and modern. This short hairstyle is really cool for men: It’s both elegantly shabby and foppishly put together all at once.

Diego Luna Razored Crop Hairstyle
Popular Razored Crop Hairstyle for Men Because of its spiky, uneven layers, this dashing hairdo establishes a swanky, chic look just beyond the lines of conservative fashion,this short haircut gives you a sharp, confident look.
Razor cutting and slicing techniques eliminate weight from the hair while creating wispy texture at the same time.The high jagged bangs create a window that highlights the eyes, while the lack of height through the top allows this hairstyle to be worn by longer and rounder face shapes alike. Since it’s a modern take on a classic cut, the razored crop pushes the envelope for a more contemporary appearance.

No man's style illustrates this point more than that of Diego Luna. His razored locks are carefully disheveled, creating a professional and dapper image that’s edgy and smart.

How to ask your hair stylist get this cool Razored Crop Hairstyle
You can ask your stylist to leave most of the length on top and some on the sides, then to use a razor to blend it all together, which will create jagged, uneven layers.This is really a perfect hairstyle for young men!

This is really beautiful curly hairstyle for medium hair!

kawaii Asian Medium Curly Hairstyle
A friend of mine has medium length thich black asian hair that is naturally wavy/curly,she do not want to get a straight hair style, then she get this hair, dye her hair in purple and blond.

In this picture, I really love the curls and her hair color, the swept bangs are really beautiful.Very nice, elegant Asian curly wavy hairstyle.Gathering tight coils partially up and back allows their super-spiraled texture to really get you noticed.

If you love this haircut, just save this hairstyle picture(and it is free!) and give to your stylist, he/she know how to create this beautiful hairstyle, good for students.

This medium curly hair style suits oval, square, oblong face shapes.

Formal Hairstyles - Styling it up formally!

Formal Hairstyles
The present fashion presents a variety of trendy formal hair styles which can help you make a personal statement at any occasion. Whether it is the wedding or prom or homecoming or office parties or any other formal occasion, these formal hair styles will not fail to bring you attention and admiration. On a special occasion you need to look your best so that you can impress people with your good looks. The hair is a very important asset of your looks whether you are a man or woman. Your hair style defines your personal style and attracts people to you. So make sure that you plan ahead of the occasion and decide which hair style you want to carry. It is also of importance to make an appointment with your hair stylist in advance so that you do not have to worry about last minute preparations.

Ponytail Hair styles for Curly Hair

Ponytail Hair styles for Curly Hair picture Women love medium curly hairstyles,most of the time, they do not know toss the hair up into a ponytail, which hair style is really sexy! Yes, of course, if you toss your hair in a hurry,there is no reason that the ponytail hair style can be created glamorous, stylish and looks great – regardless of where you are going! Yes, take some time and make your hair look more stylish and glamorous!
Ponytail Hair styles for Curly Hair image It is common that women toss their medium or long straight hair into a ponytail, but the curly ponytail also looks great. Here are some ponytail hair styles for curly hair that you can create in a matter of minutes:

The first curly ponytail hairstyle can be easily completely with curly hair is to pull all of the hair to one side, in a low ponytail and secure it with small elastic. The smaller elastic the better as it should be hidden by the hair. Use pins to secure the other side of the hair and immediately glamorize the hairstyle.

Another ponytail hairstyle you can create like this: First of all, pull your hair into a high ponytail, but a loose pony tail.Beacuse this can allow the individual to create one of the quickest updos.Then,Pull the hair from sections within the hair style and pin these pieces of hair around the hairstyle. This can create a quick updo, and with a touch of finishing spray it can allow the individual to create a ponytail updo.
Credit: first image@ and the second one@ Steve Granitz/WireImage

2010 Kawaii hair styles for girls -girls cute hairstyles

2010 Kawaii hair styles for girls picture
Cute Japanese girls kawaii hair style
2010 Kawaii hair styles for girls  picture If a Kawaii hair style is something that you find attractive it is a good idea to go to a salon that specializes in this look since the initial cut is very important to maintaining this hair style. Having said that, in certain areas a Kawaii specialty salon may be hard to find, so your next best option is to go online and find one of the hundreds of pictures of Kawaii hair styles online and take it to your local hair salon. Make sure to choose a cut that goes with your face shape as Kawaii hair styles are definitely not for everyone and most cuts require a great deal of maintenance in order to look nice. Another thing to keep in mind about Kawaii hair styles, they usually look nicer if you hair is thin to medium thickness. Hair that is very thick is harder to maintain in this type of hair style.

2010 Popular Short Hairstyle Cool

2010 Popular Short Hairstyle picture Just as you know, the most popular hairstyles in 2009 is short and medium hairstyles, and still, the popular haircut in 2010 will be short hair styles. Not only the simple short hair can save a lot time, but also the short haircut make people more confidence and looks great!

One of the trendy short haircut 2010 is short and sassy hairstyle which are created at the short length between the ears and the chin. The most classy bob is still popualr and a lot women do love this kind of short hair. The bob haircut is cut to one length at the chin level. This short hairstyle can be created with or without bangs and can even include layers within the hairstyle that can help to add volume within the hair. The layers within the hairstyle can be used to reduce the appearance of the thickness in the hair and can add instant volume once they have been cut into the hair.

In the picture, this girl'slook is retro.She is a student in fine arts.She wear a top-shirt by H&M,NEW LOOK shooes, cool ACCESSORIES Bag.Her short hair is popular right now and will still popular in 2010.
Image credit: friend blog: easy fashion in Paris.

Trendy Short Japanese Hairstyles

Trendy Short Japanese Hairstyles pictureWhat kind of short Asian Japanese Hairstyles do you love? The fashion ones or the kawaii ones? Most the girls Age between 10-18 do love kawaii short and long hairstyles while age between 19-25 love fashion trendy hair styles. In 2010, the short haircuts will be very popular, then today we talk about the latest short Japanese haircuts.

When you are looking for the latest fashion Japanese short hairstyles, I suggest you search on hairstyle dedicated websites and fashion websites. Do not use search engines image search,just like google and yahoo images to search latest hairstyles, because the search engine get the old images, not update frequently.Another way is looking for the latest fashion and hairstyles magazine, I prefer this way. The latest styles can be found in many picture galleries containing short, medium and even long hairstyles. The versatility that comes with popular Japanese hairstyles makes for many popular styles.

The trendy short Japanese hairstyles in 2010 would be:
Keywords:Short,wavy or straight, side bangs, highlight,textures.
Trendy Short Japanese Hairstyles 2010 picture
The classy round short bob hairstyle is very popular in Asia, no matter in Japan,Koran, or China, A lot women prefer this kind of short hair, and they looks great with the short bob hairstyles. This kind of hair can be paired with long or short bangs. Many Japanese women choose short bangs, as Japanese facial features are notably small. Long bangs are a way to disguise large facial features, especially when swept to one side. This is one of the most popular feminine haircuts.

Also the short bob hairstyle can be worn in a wavy fashion, as well as straightened and can be worn parted to the either side, or in the middle. Although the short bob hair style is classy and traditional, there are also many changes you can make, just like implementing layers into the hairstyles to modernize the appearance of the short rounded bob haircut.

The London fashion show is on recently, you can get more hair inspiration from the fashion show!