Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fk All u emo/scene haters!

i'm sick of people comin on here and sayin oh emo is gay and scene is stupid and rediculous! wtf are they doin' lookin it up then? this is me n i dont care if they call me ugly or stupid cause i'm me and i love every scene/emo or gothic person out there! some people just have nothing better to do then call us names and shit when they are probably the ugly/stupid/retarded/gay/slurry/whorey cunts! not us...............they have no right! sure i'm ugly and i care but i'd like u to see who i am not what i look like..... any1 wit myspace or facebook add me my myspace name is xMoe-Moex! and my facebook name is Emma Jean Robson call me what u want but i'm me =) ily every1!

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